...in progress

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times

guitar and electronics


furl (part two)

viola solo

Rare Earth

electronics and clay pots

installation, work in progress



cello solo


For further information, including recordings, please click on the titles. Details of work in light grey are available on request. 




joy and desiring

string quartet

coming together

multiple players (4 +)

cable veins (revised from 2016)

piano solo 

Solo ca. 5'30" - 7'00"



my sound is torn to whispers



speaking within | fragmented lines

five guitars and electronics ca. 10'

Quintet and electronics

Things you don’t yet know you feel

voice and string quartet 

Chamber ensemble   ca. 5'45"

Furl (part one)

viola solo

Solo   ca. 3'50"

Etching Circles

piano, violin and cello 

Chamber ensemble   ca. 5'10"

The Artist's Kintsukuroi

septet, narrator and conductor

Music-theatre, chamber ensemble, electronics   ca.15'


Into the Blank Expanse of Space

bass flute, piano and live electronics 

Based on poetry by Georgie Lorimer 

Duo and electronics   ca. 6’30"

Circle of Perpetual Choirs

electronics for dance   

In collaboration with Eleven Farrer House

Dance  ca.35'

sounding clouds

found objects and sounds, electronic and acoustic

​For artist Moses Hacmon


Low Fidelity

flute / clarinet / saxophone / keyboard /and found objects   

Chamber ensemble   ca. 10'


bass clarinet, violin and cello   

Chamber ensemble   ca. 5’

When we watched the moon together


Acousmatic   ca. 20’

another dance

electric violin, electric guitar and electronics   

Duo   ca. 3’

Of Minerals and Ventricles

soprano saxophone, violin, voice and flute

Chamber ensemble   ca. 8'

for you



Dolphin's Dream


​For artist Moses Hacmon




electronics for dance   

with Eleven Farrer House

Dance   ca. 60’


flute solo 

Solo   ca. 6’

And the Stars,                  

                      They Listened

toy piano   

Solo   ca. 5’

You are Your Memory

flute, clarinet, cello and piano​   

Chamber ensemble   ca. 8’ 


solo piano

​For artist Moses Hacmon

01/07/17 Once Upon Water residency, Pico Island, The Azores 


Living Water

field recordings and electronics

​For artist Moses Hacmon,

01/05/18 Faces of Water - from Israel


Piece on cloud

solo piano

​For artist Moses Hacmon,



Street music

field recording, electronics

For artist Moses Hacmon


Water poem

electronics for film

For artist Moses Hacmon




Cable Veins (revised 2020)

piano and electronics   

Solo   ca. 8’

The Hands We Used to Make Were Clay

guzheng and string quartet   

Chamber ensemble   ca. 9’50”


seventy miniature graphic scores 

Solo or multiple players   ca. varies


Play Dough   

flute and percussion for dance    

with choreographer Mbulelo  Ndabeni and Phoenix Dance Theatre

Dance   ca.8'


flute, shakuhachi, oboe, cello, koto and hand held percussion Chamber ensemble   ca.5’


Theatre music

two flutes, violin, clarinets, harpsichord and guzheng 

Theatre   ca. 28'   2014

The Lady of the Lake

pierrot ensemble   

Chamber ensemble   ca.  5’   2013


found objects and sounds, electronic and acoustic

A mermaid installation

10/05/13 PJ Hall, Bangor University, Wales

Installation      2013


for dance - flutes, violin, clarinets, cello, harpsichord and percussion   

Dance film housed in the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, as of 2013   

Dance   ca. 16’   2012

Imaginary Dot

string quartet 

Chamber ensemble   ca.  5’   2012


electronics for dance   

with dancer Cat Westwood performance 'Grey  Stem’ Electric Lodge CA

Dance   ca. 15'   2010

The Best Kind of Cinema is Perceived with Your Eyes Closed

electronics for dance   

with dancer Cat Westwood 

Dance ca. 12'   2008

Photo - composition space (Sarah Westwood)

Photo - Sarah Westwood, Carla Rees and Xenia Pestova

@Cheltenham Composers Academy, July 2018 (Danny Imson)


Furl  for viola solo (amplified) will be performed by Mark Menzies at ISCM World Music Days New, Zealand - April 20 


You are Your Memory for flute, clarinet, cello and piano will be performed by RCM students as part of Illuminate Women's Music Chamber Concert at  Royal College of Music - February 20

my sound is torn an interactive version of the piece will be presented at Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Residency for Contemporary Music and Electronics, Madeira  - December 19

for you will be presented at OUA Electroacoustic Music Festival,

Japan - November 19