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artistic statement
Sarah Westwood
Sarah Westwood

on going collaborative projects

Eleven Farrer House (dance)


Projects carried out by Eleven Farrer House sit primarily within the field of dance and movement. Initiation and authorship shift from project to project, facilitating an interchangeable structure for its constituent members and collaborators. Individual creativity is supported and nourished through collective exchanges; providing the ground for actualisation of bespoke works and investigation of practice.

Artistic collaborator for : 

  • Chalk.Body.Barrow. ​

  • circle of perpetual choirs

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol Residency for

Contemporary Music and Electronics, Madeira 


The aim of the residency is to bring expert practitioners and practising sound artists, composers and performers from varied backgrounds together to create and experience new work in a supportive and stimulating environment. Sarah's currently Director of Programmes. 

Works presented since 2016: 

  • My sound is torn electroacoustic participatory piece

  • cable veins for piano solo 

  • circle of perpetual choirs video 

  • OMAV for solo / multiple instruments


Georgie Lorimer (poet)


On going collaborations with poet Georgie Vivienne Lorimer. 

Artistic collaborator for : 

  • Things You Don't Yet Know You Feel

  • speaking within / fragmented lines

  • The Artist's Kintsukuroi

  • Into The Blank Expanse of Space 

  • Five songs for a sea-child

Illuminate Women's Music 


Illuminate is a project to promote the work of emerging women composers and performers. It also gives a platform for historical repertoire by women composers to sit alongside new works. Sarah's currently Co-director, alongside composer Blair Boyd, and Artistic Director Angela Slater. 

Commissioned from Illuminate: 


  • Things You Don't Yet Know You Feel

  • Etching Circles

  • shiko 

  • another dance

Jelena Makarova (pianist)

Ongoing collaborations with pianist Jelena Makarova:

Performed and / or commissioned: 

  • Kindred, part two (work in progess)

  • Kindred 

  • Cable Veins

  • Etching Circles

Sarah Westwood


spring (4), by Sarah Westwood

Eleven Farrer House, by Maria Andrews

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