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piano solo

Kindred (adjective):

1: of a similar nature or character : like a kindred spirit

2: of the same ancestry: kindred tribes

I am fascinated by the connection between performer and their instrument, and thought abstractly about the idea of a pianist and the piano as sharing a 'kindred-ness'. 

Each movement is a reflection of my time spent on a Creative Retreat at The Red House in early 2020 (supported by Britten Pears Foundation). Whilst there, I brought with me a collection of keyboard works by Jean-Philippe Rameau, and so Kindred (together with my experiences at Aldeburgh) also has a conscious heritage to specific baroque keyboard works of Rameau. 

From this, I wanted my work to also have a kindred ancestry to the past, pairing them with particular short works by Rameau, whilst maintaining their own distinctive personality. 

This work is dedicated to pianist Jelena Makarova. 


07/09/20 Jelena Makarova @ 1901 Arts Club London / Bitesize Proms in support of Help Musicians UK

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