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Kindred (adjective):

1: of a similar nature or character : like a kindred spirit

2: of the same ancestry: kindred tribes

I am fascinated by the connection between performer and their instrument, and thought abstractly about the idea of a pianist and the piano as sharing a 'kindred-ness'. At the same time, and due to the coronavirus lockdown, I had more time to practice the piano myself and decided to look at a collection Jean-Philippe Rameau's keyboard works. From this, I wanted my work to also have a kindred quality to the past, pairing them with particular short works by Rameau, whilst maintaining their own distinctive personality. Each of Rameau's work was chosen to reflect spring, the season I've been composing in, a pairing of a similar nature. 

The pianist is welcome to play the piece throughout, play a particular movement as a miniature piece, or play related movements with Rameau's keyboard works. If playing both Rameau and my movement, please keep the matching pairs together as follows:


Air pour Flores - Rameau

 (I) - Westwood

Air pour tendred Rose - Ramaeu

(II) - Westwood

Zéphire - Rameau 

(III) - Westwood

Kindred may expand at a later date, however, new pieces will always be in miniature form, with the invitation to pair with Rameau's keyboard work. 

I dedicate this piece to pianist Jelena Makarova. 


WP: 23/07/20 Jelena Makarova @All Saints Lunchtime Concerts, Hove

Composition space, Sarah Westwood

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