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artistic statement
Inersting Project_Photo: Fabian Schober

speaking within | fragmented lines 

“Gender is the poetry we make out of the language we are taught.” - Feinberg. 

The notion of ‘speaking within / fragmented lines’ at first drew me to the exploration of personal moments of silence and fragmentation. It was not until I abandoned the ideas of constructing a piece to describe the general concept of gender dysphoria, and returned to those elements which have historically been deemed most important within the canon of the closet (silence and loneliness, ambiguity and equivocation), that I found a place for this piece. I worked with poet Georgie Lorimer for the narration, and the piece is dedicated to her.

To request a score, please get in touch here


08/11/19 The Intersting Project, CROSSROADS Festival, Salzburg 

30/10/19 extract / sharing - The Interstring Project, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen, Germany

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