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artistic statement

my sound is torn to whispers 

My idea is to record my experience walking along the Horniman's Nature Trail. I would walk around the nature trail with the intention of focusing on internal experience of my movement. And I would weave this with recordings from my graphic scores that explore minerals and ventricles, the memory of somatic movement. I would create a new graphic score from this walk. Ideally if I find any objects around the trail (sticks, stones,) I would perform and record my graphic scores with those. Part of Goldsmiths "Sounds of the Gardens" at The Horniman Museum, London. 

Part of Being Human Festival - and in partnership with Horniman Museum and Gardens, Goldsmiths "Sounds from the Gardens" and  DIVAcontemporary / electricbackroom STUDIO

To request a recording and score, please get in touch here


14/12/19 The Kabo, Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, Madeira

16/11/19 - 17/11/19 The Horniman Museum and Gardens, London

My sound is torn_Sarah Westwood
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