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Sarah Westwood
Sarah Westwood
Sarah Westwood




"...had a raw power. Its title, meaning to ‘stitch together’ suggests wounds not quite healed and the piece conveyed vividly the disruptive elements of illness and trauma with fractured lines and a fragmented approach far away from a conventional goal-oriented narrative. Time-honoured gestures such as glissandos, trills and harmonics did appear, but in new and unexpected guises. Generating material and then reacting and responding to it, Ivana Peranic was able to explore the instinctive, creative aspect of her musicianship in this thought-provoking piece, which felt like a strong tribute from the composer to an instrumentalist of uncommon versatility."

Paul Conway, January-March 2022 edition of Musical Opinion Magazine 


circle of perpetual choirs

“Mechanical and natural. Soft and precise. Deliberate and incidental.” 

“It seemed rhythmically and qualitatively infectious. It felt so detailed.”

Audience reviews

Into the Blank Expanse of Space 

"... a wonderful  piece for bass flute, piano and electronics by a young composer who's worth watching out for."

Carla Rees, flautist, arranger and composer

Chalk. Body. Barrow. 

“Magical, Mysterious and very special.” Georgie & David Goddard

“Ethereal, magical and surprising! Lovely music. Thank you EFH.” Margaret Carey

"Thank you so much, the music was a wonderful reflection and affiliation.” Jane Farrell

“Wordless and full of space.” Patrick Bond (poet)

Audience reviews


Koi carp by Sarah Westwood

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