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artistic statement


Before I started work on this piece, I woke up from a dream with flutes, clouds and the sound of the wind. I can remember little else except the sound and quality, and knew there was a piece for solo flute brewing in my subconscious. I find it fascinating how much working out, or inventing, we do whilst sleeping. Sometimes with my friends, we tell each other our dreams, and before I mentioned this dream to anyone, the next day I got a message from a good friend of mine, to say he had a dream about some flute music I was writing, even though I had not told anyone I was writing this.
From this dream encounter, I decided to focus my thoughts upon the possibilities of dream sharing: by having a similar (or the same) dream to other people, and also in sharing dream stories with friends. Rather than try to interpret dreams into music, I wanted to look at one particular aspect: what are our bodies doing during our most vivid dreams, and whether (for me, at least) Shiko can reveal moments of dream sharing.

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Performances are by Gemma McGregor

17/02/19 Maison Française, University of Oxford, Oxford

01/10/18 St Michael's Church near Northgate, Oxford

14/06/18 part of 'A Room of Her Own' // Stromness Town Hall, Orkney Island

20/04/18 St Luke's Church, Brighton

10/03/18 St Mary's Church, Stafford

11/03/18 Cardiff University Concert Hall, Cardiff

09/03/18 Gemma McGregor St Michael's Church near Northgate, Oxford

WP: 08/03/18 Great Hall, Goldsmiths London

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