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artistic statement
Sarah Westwood

cable veins 

piano solo


This revised version looks back at the original Cable Veins (2016). I returned to focus more on the movement, the sound heard. Reduced to its simplest form.    

Cable Veins

piano and electronics


Cable Veins was conceived after two moments: 1) watching a dancer/non-pianist playing across a piano before a rehearsal at Centre national de la danse, and 2) whilst taking a cable car ride. What struck me in both instances was the amount of movement seen verses the sounds heard; both the dancer and the whirring cogs of the machine making sound yet producing a more intricate  movement. This was a quality I wanted to investigate, to create a  gesture, which in turn would create the sound.


All in a meditative state. 


05/05/20 Sarah Elise Thompson @IG live-stream, Sydney Australia  

21/04/20 Yshani Perinpanayagam @Royal Birmingham Conservatoire - CANCELLED

17/04/20 Yshani Perinpanayagam @Emmanuel College Cambridge - CANCELLED


29/02/20 Jelena Makarova @St Peter's Church, Nottingham

08/06/18 Sarah Westwood @OVADA Art Gallery, Oxford


11/01/17 Sarah Westwood @Estalagem Lounge, Madeira

WP: 18/09/16 Sarah Westwood @ at St John’s Smith Square, London

Sarah Westwood, plays Cable Veins (2016) at St John's Smith Square

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