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artistic statement

another dance 

another dance is an open score memoir of my time spent collaborating with dance group Eleven Farrer House's project Chalk.Body.Barrow.  and is a reflection on how both sound and movement pivot between similar worlds. What is particularly interesting to highlight for another dance, is the sounds I used for Chalk.Body.Barrow. were taken from recorded samples of my previously performed open scores, which are in turn based on memoirs of collaborating with dancers. In essence, another dance can be described as a feedback loop: a more accurate title would perhaps be another dance within another dance, within another dance.


Performed by Sabina Virtuso (violin) and Cassie Matthews (guitar) in 2018


20/10/18 St Peter's Church, Nottingham

16/10/18 St George The Martyr, Borough New Music Festival, London

03/10/18 Victoria Building Liverpool University, Liverpool

20/04/18 St Luke's Church, Brighton

10/03/18 St George's Church, Birmingham

11/03/18 Cardiff University Concert Hall, Cardiff

09/03/18 St Michael's Church, Oxford

WP: 08/03/18 at Great Hall, Goldsmiths London

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