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artistic statement


part one

From Old French fer, ferm ‘firm’ + lier ‘bind’, meaning to roll or fold up (something) neatly and securely.

A way for me to express how I may

try to open up

or withdraw

internally was to

focus on

the physical unfurling of a fern leaf.

I’m fascinated by how the

plant curls up

or unravels depending on

different touch;

human touch,

water and light touch,

heat and cold, and

I thought about unraveling,

or coiling up, these

possibilities with the viola.

To request a score, please get in touch here


29/04/20 Mark Menzies // ICSM World Music Days Festival, Christchurch New Zealand


26/07/19 Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska // Radziejowski, Poland Synthetis, Pałac Radziejowski

Sarah Westwood - composer

Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska - viola

Jan Jędrzejczyk - recording

Serhii Vilka- video

Live premiere recording, 26 July 2019

The Artists House hall in Radziejowice, Poland - SYNTHETIS

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